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  16 June 2000 a team of people came together as Üçgen. A team of people having more than 20 year
experience in the sector.

We work to help our clients to develop all massmedia communications in a proper way. We provide
faultless advertising and PR services starting from pre-research, consulting, design and promotion
campaigns up to project management.

What did we start with?
We started this business to help our clients reach their sector goals using right communication

Where are we going to?
Having helped our clients to reach their business goals we aim to make them sector leaders and to
provide best service using right methods – this is the way we go ahead.
2008 Üçgen İletişim Danışmanlık Ltd.Şti. Sitenin her türlü hakkı Üçgen İletişim Danışmanlığına aittir.